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What is Paymaster?

Thoroughly designed for easy use, Paymaster is an electronic cash (e-money) management facility for payroll processing and dispensation. It provides companies with the advantage of an online payroll management system without the stringent bank requirements and ordinary workers, especially the laborers within the construction industry, with the positive experience of e-money consumption.



          Convertible Funds

What is the Paymaster Card?

It is a pre-activated, re-loadable, multipurpose electronic value card powered by the IOT Technology Incorporated-Nationlink Network. It functions like a regular ATM Card. The card works in an agnostic manner allowing the cardholder to withdraw funds from the account represented by the card from any Nationlink Network ATM or any accredited ATM bank consortium in the Philippines.


Why use paymaster?

  • Easy

    It lets you have the best alternative financial product & services without the hassles of applying for a business bank account. Set up a complete payroll scheme right away; no need to apply for individual payroll accounts for your employees.

  • Simple

    It simplifies payroll releasing and eliminates queues come payday. Remit individual employee compensation securely and faster using Paymaster’s “cash-less” feature. Stop counting individual income envelopes every month & just give each employee a Paymaster card.

  • Accessible

    It makes your payroll “wallet” accessible anytime. Paymaster has an online interface where you can organize your payroll list, view & credit funds to employees’ cards, and check card balances. Authorized personnel can accomplish the payroll even outside the office.

  • Secured

    It offers the safety & convenience of electronic banking services. Physical money may be lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. E-money, on the other hand, may still be converted into cash, or used directly to pay for purchases, transfer funds to others or pay bills.

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